This Week's Weird News 1/28/22

A dead body being used as a prop in a bizarre attempted caper, a 'mystery creature' found in Pennsylvania, and a possible flying saucer spotted in South Africa on Google Earth were among the strange and unusual stories to cross our desk this week.

A strange sage unfolded in Pennsylvania this week when a woman rescued an odd canine creature that experts couldn't quite identify. The curious critter, brought in from the cold by Christina Eyth in the community of Fairfield Township, left animal welfare workers scratching their heads when they arrived to take possession of it as they weren't sure if it was a dog or a coyote. Amazingly, the headline-making mystery creature subsequently managed to escape the confines of the rescue center and is now out roaming the wilderness again.

Photo: Google Earth

An anomaly hunter with his gaze turned towards the Earth via Google satellite imagery spotted a rather remarkable saucer-shaped oddity sitting in a remote part of South Africa. The unidentified object seems to have first appeared in the location in May of 2015 and a road to the potential craft emerged a few months later. Some have theorized that the anomaly could be an ET craft that either landed or crashed in South Africa, while skeptics argue that it is most likely just a unique-looking building.

Easily the weirdest story of the week came by way of Ireland, where a pair of men are suspected of having brought the body of a dead man to a post office in order to steal his pension. The inadvertent Weekend at Bernie's homage didn't go off as planned as a worker suspected something was amiss with the man propped up between the two ne'er-do-wells and called for help. The miscreants then dropped the body, fled the scene, and later insisted that their companion must have died somewhere during their walk to the post office.

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